We welcome all referrals to our rooms.   The following are guidelines we have developed to streamline the process and prevent unnecessary delays in booking appointments and to enable us to provide a quality service both for referrers and patients.


We require the following when booking appointments:

  • All appointments are to be made by phone (we feel this is the safest way to have appointments made as with the great volume of letters coming into our rooms some referrals may be missed).
  • As well as patient details the following are essential when making an appointment.
  1. NHI (Hospital number).
  2. ACC 45 number if ACC.
  3. Date of Injury if ACC.

Would you please ensure if you are asking your patients to make their own appointments they have these details to hand when phoning our rooms.   We are unable to confirm the appointment on the computer without them.


The preferred method of sending a referral letter is via healthlink:  fulforth

If Healthlink is unavailable to you; our email addresses are as follows:

For Mr Glenny – sue@fulfordortho.co.nz

For Mr Hadlow – jane@fulfordortho.co.nz

We look forward to hearing from you.